Friday, December 10, 2010

MSN Still Missing Twitter


I  Installed latest Windows Live Messenger 2011 great improvement from its ancestors. It is faster & pretty cool theme based GUI. the biggest makeover/usp of this new toy is its ability to seamless integration with various social network like


facebook, linkdin etc.

Although Some article claim that it also integrate twitter that turn out to be false that’s the only gem that is missing from msn . I am looking forward to Microsoft to provide twitter integration also so I won’t require to use my browser or third party plugin to stay on twitter also . 


Other service which I wish to access through msn is orkut (Social networking Site widely used in india). but twitter is in nomber one in my list. as I am habitual to use Echophone ( firefox plugin ) that keep me connected on twitter all the time without opening extra webpage & shows new tweets instantly.

Msn can keep me updated on my  facebook update & hotmail with twitter my online social requirement would be fulfilled. I don’t want to use any third party tool/plugin for this purpose due to performance & security reasons hope that Microsoft soon integrate the Twitter & orkut let’s cross the finger.

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