Friday, December 18, 2009

twitter got hacked in the morning

Visiting the site shows this message:

Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to edit the User Agent string

How to edit the User Agent string

To change the User Agent string, just enter about:config as an address in the address bar of FireFox, the location where you normally enter a URL (link). I recommend to preserve the original value, which you can get when you enter just about: in the address bar.

append your value for general.useragent.extra.firefox or general.useragent.override.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Trend Micro 2010 Future Threat Report has released

Some of the key factors in report are
-- It's all about money, so cybercrime will not go away.
cloud computing and virtualization--attack vectors for Internet Protocol v. 6--threts associated with Social media and social networks -- Windows 7 will have an impact since it is less secure than Vista in the default configuration. -- Risk mitigation is not as viable an option anymore-even with alternative Browsers /alternative operating systems. -- Malware is changing its shape - every few hours. -- Drive-by infections are the norm - one Web visit is enough to get infected. -- New attack vectors will arise for virtualized/cloud environments. -- Bots can't be stopped anymore, and will be around forever. -- Company/Social networks will continue to be shaken by data breaches.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Burn the flock

while exploring Flock I ignored one most important feature of browser its security & vulnerability response. As Flock is based on firefox it has many added features plus all bugs & vulnerabilities of firefox.
Flock team says they has 2 weeks gap on security vulnerability i doubt on it & i believe they are way behind in fixing security hole. although 2 weeks itself a lasrg gap specially when attackers got all knowledge from Firfox bugzilla.
I realize this this flaw when i got complain of spam from my face book & twitter account . That indicate that my system got attacked by some malicious program using some firefox vulnerability. & eventually use Flock as weak spot.
Finally i uninstalled the Flock & get back to firefox.