Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Flock on the Fire

IE, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrom these are some well known browsers. Among them IE has most of the share then comes Firefox from Open source community. Every browser has some unique features with respect to usability & security.
Browsers are integral part of a desktop & normally use for surfing sites . Recently i came across a beautiful browser named Flock which provides me a new feeling of surfing

Flock is built on the Mozilla Firefox open-source browser, so it has all the features i have to expect in a high-quality web browser, like intuitive buttons and menus, personal customizability, enhanced privacy protections, and automated updating. However, Flock is much more than that! The Flock Social Web Browser has been fully integrated with a wide range of social networking websites and popular blogging tools. So with Flock, we can now keep in touch and share text, links, pictures, video and more with friends, family and co-workers across the entire internet with unparalleled speed and seamless ease.
I can keep logged in myself in to my various social site from yahoo webmail to twitter without keep opening various tabs. For now i am loving it & Exploring Flock.

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